Create Your Blog Site in 2 Minutes Using Hashnode

A beautiful platform to setup personal blog sites

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Setting Up the Blog Site

  1. Visit Hashnode, and click Start your personal blog for FREE.
  2. Signup using your email id and fill in the necessary details like Name, Username, and Tagline
Initial setup with name, username, and tagline
Choosing blog name
Assign Hashnode subdomain

Add a Blog to the Site

Now, you can add your blog by writing a new one or import from other platforms.

  1. It will open up an online editor where you can start blogging.
  2. To import an existing blog from other platforms like Medium or, click your profile image on the bottom left corner and choose Blog Dashboard.
View Blog Dashboard

Customizing Your Site

Hashnode also provides various options like customize Header and Navbar, add publication logo, enable the newsletter subscription, map custom domains, etc.

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