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Hello. Before diving into this article, first, we need to know few things.

1. What is a Userscript?

A userscript is a program, usually written in JavaScript, for modifying web pages
- wikipedia

2. Why we need a Userscript?

Suppose we wanted to modify the web page dynamically like adding export to PDF button, display the number of words in a…

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HashMap is a wonderful data structure that stores data in the form of Key-Value pairs that provide insert, update, retrieve, and delete operations in O(1) time.

HashMap has one limitation that it can have only one key. But wait. Why do we need multiple keys for a single value? …

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Let’s say we want to create an Employee class that has the below mandatory and optional attributes.

Mandatory Attributes

  • firstName
  • lastName
  • primaryMobileNumber
  • primaryEmail

Optional Attributes

  • secondaryMobileNumber
  • secondaryEmail

The Employee class and its constructor looks like below

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I was recently creating my responsive portfolio website and was testing it on my mobile. I wanted to inspect few elements. I thought there is no way to do that. But I came to know that there is a way. …

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In modern years, many Digital Creators like Youtubers, Blog Writers, Ghost Writers have emerged a lot. There are so many ways to monetize their content. For example, Youtube has a Patreon option where subscribers can donate money to the Youtubers. …

HTML5 provides us with the Canvas API which can be used to draw graphics on a browser using Javascript. We can start drawing graphics in the browser by just adding a canvas tag in HTML. It is similar to the real canvas that we use to paint. …

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Python is one of the easiest languages to learn. I got attracted by Python during my college because of its simplicity and ease of learning. Though it is simple to learn, it is one of the powerful languages too. …

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This is the continuation of the previous article where we saw 5 coolest features of Python. Please do read it here if you haven’t read it. In this article, we will be seeing another 5 coolest features of Python

6. Dictionary Comprehension

We all know about one of the best features of Python…

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Last year, I started writing blogs on Medium. During that time I was searching for ways to create my own site for listing my blogs. All I ended up with was setting up a Wordpress site which has both free and premium version. Personally, I did not like the themes…

Host static websites with a custom domain and free SSL certificate

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Hello everyone. In this article, we will host my personal portfolio site using Github Pages, map a custom domain name and add a free SSL certificate.


Setup Github Pages

  1. Login into…

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